MIDC | Multilingual CRM for education and migration agencies
  • Advanced platform with functionalities

    Advanced CRM functionalities
    Performance Evaluation and Commission Calculation
    Procise Client Trust Contral
    Finance Reports

    PC+Mobile friendly Client Centre
    Easy for clients to following up case progresses

    PC+Mobile friendly Partner Centre

    Convenien way to cooperate with your
    partners from every corner of the world

  • Simple / Fast / Efficient

    Cloud based multilingual system

    Modulised sustainability,daily backups and data export.

    Quick setup, easy to maintain

    Easy navigation. No trainings needed. Full documentation online

    Stationary or mobilised

    Access from anywhere with mobile friendly interface

  • Stable and Secure

    We have hundreds of customers using the latest version for their day to day business.

    Stable system and secure data is our first priority.
    Our major version update happens every six months to ensure the state-of-the-art technology

    Personal contact manager assigned

    24/7 contact number
    To ensure system up and running all time.

  • The most affordable system

    Start from $39 per month

    Live time free upgrade

    Cap to $199 with unlimited office locations

    No Locking contract

    Full data export. Stay or Leave, you make the call.

Why choose MIDC

We have been serving Australian migration and education agencies since 1995, and we have also successfully built cloud platform for several medium and large agencies over the last 20 years

The most affordable monthly charge. We guarantee to beat the price of any similar software by 10%

Unique partner cooperate platform and precise client trust management solution

Multilingual; choose any language you fency and help you to extend your business to every corner of the world.

From year 2000, we started to build cloud based CRM specialised for Australian migration and education agencies. Back then, each system would cost over half a million dollars to build and maintain. In order to cut the cost, we have been converting functions into modules; updating data base structures and programing languages; and fine tuning it so that it can be used by hundreds of thousands of companies at a price as low as $39 dollars a month fully maintained.
To keep up with the demands in this industry, we offer two scheduled major system upgrades per year. Our modules are the most useful not only because of our experience build-up over the years but also credited to our loyal customers' contribution and feed backs.
To comply with MARA's requirements for managing client trusts, we have added a new module recently for all our customers. With this module activated, you will be able to manage your client trusts precisely. For instance, you will be knowing when to make a draw down and how much you can draw from your client trust accounts.
Evaluation module enables quantified staff performance. This module can be applied to marketing, reception and help desk staff as well.
This is a true multilingual, not a machine translation. Get any language wanted, we mean it.

About us

Established in 1995, we have been serving australian migration and education agencies for over 20 years.

Many of our system developers are having the experiences working in this field for years, some of us have been formally trained for migration laws in Australia and had been employed at a higher management levels until recently.

We are currently servicing over 50 agencies worldwide. We are also providing IT related consultancy services to organizations in relation to database server hostings

Our customers


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Latest Version
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$ 39
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$ 79
Multiple Users
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$ 199
Super Users
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